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Volume 1, Issue 5


Title of the Paper

A review of procedural approaches available for handling the layout problems

Author's Name :

Monika , Ashwani Mor

Implementation of Datamining to Predict the Heart Disease

Author's Name :

Tejas Anant Sapkal , Prasad Deoram Pingale2 , Premraj Manoj Ingawale , Vikas Baban Pagre , Komal Jagdale

CCP: Graphical Password Based Authentication

Author's Name :

Kanifnath Kolhe1 , Aditya Pisal2 , Santosh Anarase , Komal Jagdale

Characterization of Al Matrix Composite with SiC Particles

Author's Name :

Gaurav Kumar Nagar , Kanchan Mishra

An Overview of rolling contact bearing

Author's Name :

Bikas Prasad

A critical review on micro-strip patch antenna design

Author's Name :

Pooja Rani , Vikas Sandhu , Viney Dhawan

Comparison of Routing Techniques in Optical Network: A Survey

Author's Name :

Shruti Saini , Veenu Pondwal

Attendance system for students using face recognition

Author's Name :

Anuradha Chintamani , Anushree Chavan, Pratibha Kshirsagar, Saakshi Naidu, Sheela Bankar

Literature Survey on Writer Identification for Handwritten Document Based on Structured Learning

Author's Name :

Kiran Gole , Julekha Mulani , Govind Kumar , Vishal Sherekar

Comparison of Performance of Adaptive Channel Equalizer using LMS, RLS, KALMAN Algorithm- A Review

Author's Name :

Himanshi Suri , Parveen Khanchi

Predicted MRR Modeling of Process parameters of Turning for M4 Steel

Author's Name :

Neeraj Sharma , Virender Kumar

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