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Volume 1, Issue 1


Title of the Paper

A Comparative Analysis of Wired and Wireless Network Architecture

Author's Name :

Sachin Gupta

Employability of Biogas & Bio-Slurry with algae and cow dung as substrates for Continuous Advancement

Author's Name :

Gaurav Kumar , Dr. Rajneesh , Ravi Pratap Singh , Ravinder Kataria

A Critical Review on the Impact of Input Factors on Process Outcomes in Drilling of Aluminium Alloys

Author's Name :

Vipin Gautam , Ravi Pratap Singh , Ravinder Kataria , Dr. Jatinder Kumar

Selection of layout alternative using factor evaluation

Author's Name :

Parveen Sharma, Sandeep Singhal , Bikas Prasad

Synthesis of 1-Azacoumarins Linked Benzimidazoles via Traceless Tandem Transformation

Author's Name :

Mukesh Kumari , Pushpa , Narender Singh , Sunil Kumar

Preferential Solvation of Lithium and Sodium salts Studied Viscometrically in Acetonitrile and Nitromethane Binary Mixtures at 298.15 K.

Author's Name :

Hardeep Anand, Narender Singh

Non Traditional Machining: A Review

Author's Name :

Dipesh Piopli

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