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Volume 1, Issue 4


Title of the Paper

Recent Research Assessment in Pharmacological Activity of Ervatamia Coronaria Roots

Author's Name :

Rubal Rathi, S. P. Chakrvarti2

नरेंदर कोहली के उपन्यासों में प्राकृतिक आयाम

Author's Name :

कुमारी दीपा

Practical investigation of a single pass triangular shaped duct solar air heater having v-shaped ribs on the absorber plate

Author's Name :

Bikas Prasad

An Observed Study of Clustering in Data Mining

Author's Name :

Saloni Chaudhary , Tarun Kumar

Analysis of Cu-Tio2- Al2O3 Solution on Cutting Tool with Nano Coating

Author's Name :

Ashwani Mor, Amandeep

Predicted MRR modeling of process parameters of turning for M4 steel

Author's Name :

Dipesh Popli

Role of Science and Technology to Aware Young Minds in India

Author's Name :

Suresh Kumar

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